Our Services

Our OEM services are tailor-made to cater to various markets and consumer preferences. We provide private labeling (OEM) to some of the biggest names in the food industry.

Brands name that are recognized and well-known in the market:

Our OEM Contract Packaging SKU:

Packaging Specification
1kg x 20pkts
1 kg x 12 pkts
500gm x 40pkts
300gm x 40pkts
150g x 80pkts
72g x 15pkts x 10 boxes
72g x 20pkts x 10 bags
35g x 20pkts x 20 bags

The above are brand names that are recognized and well-known in the market.

We have the flexibility and experiences to give you a standard or a custom-made product. You can enjoy some of our strength in the private labeling business as outlined:-

Consultation - where we assist you to decide on the right type of packaging tools best suited for your business and marketing strategies.

Customized Design & Marketing Of New Brand Names - where we help you to build your private label brand design with private labeling or private market branding.

Processing & Packaging - where your products are supplied, packed or bulk according to your specifications.

Custom-Made - where we can offer you custom-made products as well as standard ones.

Bulk Ordering - we accept ordering and delivery of bulk quantities to accommodate the food and food processing industry needs. Our mesh specification of L:30-40, M:50-60, S:80-100, F:120 and P:140-200 is specially cater for that.

Our private labels for respective customers are proprietary, operated and marketed as their our own brands.
Please CONTACT US today to discuss with us how we can help you to market your products. Our objective is to allow our customers to have the luxury and choice to divert and focus their resources towards marketing their brand names or products in gaining market share while enjoying the convenience of outsourcing their manufacturing needs to us.